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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Reflections From InLight

Current national events are to the point where they weary me to speak of them, or write an opinion few will read, and half of the billion-eyed reader will contest as misled at best and false at worst. So. I'm retreating today to pictures of a marvelous reent evening.

These are images from InLight Richmond, produced by the 30-year-old 1708 Gallery and the Wearable Art component co-sponsored by The Phoenix of Carytown. This post's pictures are from photographers Jay Paul and Amie Oliver and constitute a mere sampling.

The top image and the following two are from Jay Paul.

Klimt brought to life...Designer Julien Archer created this piece that translated out of German was "The Witch's Woods" and worn here by the statuesque Ann Marshall -- whose poise and stunning facial bone structure-- and red hair--made this into an unknown Klimt.

Hot 8 gives us some of that NOLA vibe...

Amie Oliver:

Harry and Da Goilz...

Harry gets his soul projected
into the heavens...

and the ghost of a Jackson Ward house by London architect Peter Culley, in collaboration with lighting designer Eleni Savvidou. This was a life-size, architectural 3-D "light drawing." Savvidou is a lighting designer with L'Obervatoire in New York, Culley the project director for the ongoing expansion of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts...see more here.

Amie Oliver on the wall...

Torches and banners either protesting or in favor of nothingness...

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