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Friday, September 05, 2008

Get Lit, Richmond!
InLight Will Brighten Up Broad Tonight

If you are late to the billion-eyed audience, you may not know that these two women, displaying the classic Greek tragedy/comedy duality, represent -- here at the Blue Raccoon, anyway -- the arrival of yet another First Friday High Art Hike throughout midtown Richmond. And the ladies will enjoy weather free of cyclonic activity suitable for their mode of dress exhibited above.

You can see more about InLight rightcheer.

If you know the story, please repeat along. The top image, not taken by me, records a moment at an opening several years ago at the vanished Three Miles Gallery and that this space, and an adjacent one, is now the busy Tarrant's Cafe.

But this Friday is more spectacular than any previous one that I've written of here because this is the inauguration of InLight Richmond, which involves the galleries along Broad and its immediate tributaries, staying open until midnight and all manner of special events, music, fashion, food, and yes, even a children's parade.

And yours truly is master of ceremonies for the 11th annual Wearable Art, that smashes art and fashion together and comes out with unique and sometimes revealing looks at how makers and creators interpret a particular theme, in this case, the illumination of Richmond.

Just call me MC KZ.

So for a few hours, you can come downtown and forget all this Presidential Impolitics mishigas, and just immerse yourself in the splendiferousness of the evening.

One of the highlights of this bright night will be the performance of the Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans, whom you may recognize for the Spike Lee film When The Levees Broke. You can sample their sound here.

All this, the Art Cheerleaders, and belly dancers, too.

So load up the station wagon, or grab the Broad Street/Downtown bus, and come on down and get turned on to some art and stuff.

The evening's shedule looks like this:

6 - 8 pm children's art & activities - Richmond Public Library Main Branch

7 pm Official Opening of InLight RICHMOND

7:00 pm Roving Spectacle: heads east from InLight Stage (Monroe & W. Broad) and west/north towards InLight from Richmond Public Library

7:30 pm Art Cheerleaders InLight Stage (Monroe & W. Broad)

7:30 pm Hot 8 Brass Band (Adams & Brook @ W. Broad) with roving processional inbetween

8:00 Belly Dancers InLight Stage (Monroe & W. Broad)

8:00 PM Slash Coleman/Neon Man - Jefferson and W. Broad

8:30 pm Royal Pain InLight Stage (Monroe & W. Broad)

8:45 pm Hot 8 Brass Band (Foushee & E. Broad)

9 pm Wearable InLight: 201 W Broad west to InLight Stage (Monroe and W.Broad) Harry Kollatz Jr., MC

9:30 pm
Hot 8 Brass Band (Jefferson & W. Broad)

10:00 pm
Belly Dancers InLight Stage (Monroe & W. Broad)

10:15 pm Nightshade (Shadow Puppets, Musicians & Dancers) InLight Stage east to Gallery 5

10:30 pm announcement of awards: Wearable InLight - InLight Stage

10:30 PM Slash Coleman/Neon Man - Jefferson and Broad

10:45 pm Royal Pain InLight Stage (Monroe & W. Broad)

11:15 pm dedication of Light Walk Legacy Piece: InLight Stage

11:30 PM
announcement of awards: Best in Show (Curator's Choice); People's Choice Award InLight Stage

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