The Blue Raccoon

Friday, November 02, 2007

The above video was created by filmmaker David Williams and represents highlights of the "Dictation" program performed by me, my partner-in-art Amie Oliver, two of the Art Cheerleaders, Kendra Wadsworth (blonde), and Rebecca Goldberg Oliver. Both of them are artists in their own right.

I'm reading selections from True Richmond Stories that deal with art and art-making and circumstances that had a direct effect on Amie's creative life. This is part of the theme of memory, history--personal and otherwise--as presented in her "Walk The Walk" exhibtion at Plant Zero.

The older guy shambling by the Art Cheerleaders at about 3:43 in the video is my dad.

In the pan of he crowd, you don't see a cluster of folks at the conjunction of the hallways. Why they didn't come forward and sit among the others I don't know.

The cat's name is Zero.

Yes, the three-cornered hat is mine; I had it made for in the day when I was a regular performer in the St. John's Church "Give Me Libery or Give Me Death" reenactment.

And, yes, Amie is writing backwards with her left hand. She is able to scribe with her left hand going one way, and the right the other.

She installed an oval mirror attached to the railing that's visible so that people could, if they slowed down and saw fit to, read her ruminations while looking at their reflection.

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