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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is Esquire Reading The Blue Raccoon?

Probably not, though I am given to wonder of late about some interesting New York hits on the Sitemeter a few weeks ago when I posted both about the would-be candidacy of Dennis Kucinich and C-SPAN siren Greda Wodele (pictured above, in her glory).

Both show up in the November issue of Esquire with"The Sexiest Woman Alive" Charlize Theron leaning on a wall in a tank top and peering at you over a raised arm, like any number of men must've imagined her bracing herself against the doorway of their bedrooms. Yeah, I used to read Esquire for the articles. No I just get it for the Scarlett Johansson center fold. Wow. This one almost burned a whole in the 7-11 bag.

There, on page 165 in the "Women We Love" section, is Greda, assayed by Scott Raab, whose lush phrases aren't perhaps as gushing and fantastical as mine. He admonished me -- maybe without knowning-- and betters my description: "She is not hot, she's beautiful. Her hair, thick and mahogany shows no more traces than having been put through more than a brush. Her dark eyes are moist, her smile prim and pink. Each facial plane--her high, wide brow, that long, smooth heart-shaped stretch from cheekbone down to neck-- sings in milky harmony. That face would make old Plato--Plato's dust--rock hard."

That last bit was a bit much, to me, though I thought my, "At least in this messed up world there's one of her," was OK.

Curious, but it is the same Scott Raab who gives Dennis and Elizabeth a big exclamation point thumbs up. (p.183 and following). Dennis isn't that short--5'7" but she's six feet and wears heels. In my August 18 post, I suggested to Kucinich that he go home and set up a kind of permanent campaign fair, with rides. Well, photographer Michael Edwards posed the goofy-in-love couple kissing on a carousel. I didn't know she is the third Mrs. Kucinich. Well, he's not running as a marriage and values candidate, at least not in a hypocritical way.

I'd touch a computer screen for him, if I could, but that opportunity won't be allowed because corporate-funded centerist candidates are going to kick him out of the way. I voted for John Anderson, too. But the man who defeated him, Jimmy Carter, helped put me through college so that I didn't owe anybody a dime. Which is why I don't badmouth Jimmy.

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