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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Media Blitzette Hits Richmond: True Richmond Stories
week of Harry talking about himself.

Richmond Magazine colleague Portia, who doesn't live far from me, happened to be waiting to see the Harry Potter film at the Byrd when I sauntered by. During our pleasantries, the above young woman, Patti, dashed up with a copy of True Richmond Stories in hand and asked me to sign her book! This hasn't ever happened to me and I must confess that the surprise was genuine and pleasant. That Portia also had a camera phone (and asked to take Patti's image) just seemed too fortuitous. But much of what's happened with how this book came about has kind of just fallen on me. I don't know what to expect, except that I need to start thinking about the next one -- and a Tesla-Twain play, too.

Tonight my six minutes with award-winning Community Idea Stations broadcaster and host of Virginia Currents, May Lily Lee, aired and will be repeated during the weekend; Saturday at 5:30 p.m and Sunday at 12:30 p.m. But I suspect most people will take advantage of the return to autumn weather and flocking to the National Folk Festival.

The segment followed a piece on the state fair and a fellow putting his chicken asleep; but more appropriate, the major portion was about the Richmond Shakespeare Theater producing the Will Power To Youth show of Romeo and Juliet at the Firehouse Theater.

I moved my head too much, and my annoying subaudible snort even got on my nerves, and other than forgetting a few pieces of crucial information, I thought I did OK.

Continuing my theme of getting interviewed by wonderful women, I spent the better part of an hour at WRIR 97.3 FM in the studio for Liz Humes' Wordy Birds literary convo show. I actually ran into her in the 7-11 parking lot as I was bustling down to the studio from the magazine office and she was leaving from a coffee errand. The show airs tomorrow at noon, and for those members of the billion-eyed audience who are outside the listening range, you can plug into WRIR's online audio stream.

I enjoy conversing with Liz, and she takes care to read the material--not true for all people who are in the business--and she at times sounded far more knowledgeable than me. Good golly. I always feel as tough I look and sound Krusty the Clown during these things; big long shoes, red nose, fright wig hair. After the interview, I was whisked down the long hall to the main studio where the pledge drive broadcast was ongoing. I tried to sound entertaining and plugged WRIR, my book and Amie's exhibit.

Back home, Amie and I continue the domestic undertakings to ready the place for our weekend guests. I'm looking forward to their being here, going to see the Stephen Westfall show at Solvent Space, and seeing how they react to Amie's show at Plant Zero.

As I mentioned above, the strange and unwelcome late summer humidity and heat that had descended on us here has abated and looks to be gone for good. We need rain, but not until after the festival, please, thank you.

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