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Friday, October 05, 2007

If you see these two on this page, you know what's up...

That's right, these tragedy/comedy ladies--at a far away opening at the long ago Three Miles Gallery--indicate to the billion-eyed audience that it's once gain First Friday in Richmond ; and on this humid evening of gunmetal grey overcast which refuses to rain, the big inaugural event is preparing to uncoil like a Chinese dragon all along central Richmond's Gallery Row. Or Rows, as there's the big one on Broad, and another on West Main.

My partner-in-art is tending bar at 1708 so I'll be down there. So much going on and a juicy piece in the Times-Dispatch this ayem.

The art season has erupted in earnest and this week, between us both, has been just busy as all get out. I had my book release on Tuesday, and already this seems to have occurred further in the past than just four days ago.

Below, left, is the reading from the book during the launch event (about 120 people attended) with the Wickham-Valentine terrace providing about as dramatic a backdrop as I could ever expect. That's a teeny tiny dl Hopkins in the center of this small picture -- bigger ones to follow. On the right, me with my Ed and Lorena, the ones that brought me into this world. Amie took all these pictures.

This is AOK, the dynamic duo...Don't we look almost famous?

And me, goofing it up with an old manual typewriter, upstairs at Cafe Gutenberg, where we adjourned afterward. Got to get cranking. Another book due in April....

Hope to see folks out and about tonight. More on this and that and assorted during the weekend. Amie and I have to take some time for some major domestic activity, as between her opening and my launch, we've just abandoned housework to the cats, who are notorious in their ineptitude in that regard.

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