The Blue Raccoon

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Surfin' Safari: An irregular continuing series of how you got washed up. Here.
From the depths of the Sitemeter...

raccoon in blue shoes..... here.

raccoon in corner picture

raccoon and porn.... here (don't worry, it's work safe --and naughtier in the Netherlands.)

...And the winner for the most educational search:

The Whig Party chose the raccoon as its

-I always thought raccoons would make for good politicians. They're always stealing and washing their hands of the whole thing. Can't think of a recent third party with a symbol that was quite as identifitable. Ross Perot doesn't count as a mascot even though he kept running away. Besides, he bought--and sold-- the Magna Carta. There's a layer of symbolism here about the foundation of democratic freedom going up for sale to the highest bidder, but, I'll leave you, billion-eyed audience, to do that particular heavy lifting.

And, well, OK, since you asked. Here's a wee picture of Jenny McCarthy in a bikini to close out this edition of Blue Raccoon: Surfin' Safari. [If I could find a picture of a person on a surfboard while using a laptop, I'd use that instead.]

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