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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Advertisements For Ourselves
A Book * An Exhibit * A Megaphone

New work by Amie Oliver, above, from the forthcoming exhibit "Walk The Walk" opening September 28, 2007, at the Plant Zero Art Center, in beautiful downtown Manchester, of Richmond, Va.

Here's an invite. Come one, come all. A moving foretaste of what you'll see is here.

[The Plant Zero Cafe exterior: imagine us all gathered there with our coffees of variable mix, chatting it up about all that we've just seen, oh so clever, via Venture Richmnd.]

The entire central gallery will be occupied by her mixed media marvels. At one point, during the three-month duration, a man with a megaphone will appear. Will he know what to say? He resembles this shady character below as assayed by Ms. Oliver.

See more of her endeavors here.

[The Pyramid in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Va. From Amie Oliver's Sketchbooks.]

But wait, there's more!

Harry Kollatz Jr.--that would be me, your ob't savant-- is on the verge of getting between covers, courtesy of the good offices of the History Press, Charleston, South Carolina. Go here, and scroll all the way down, or here, and do the same.

The slender 128-page volume, priced to move at $19.99, is titled True Richmond Stories, and its cover will look very much like what is reproduced below.

The book will be getting its own website, too, and more of that anon. True Richmond is available through, Barnes & Noble, and, beginning in October, at fine bookstores throughout greater Rich'mun, Vee-ay. Like: Fountain Books, Chop Suey and Chop Suey Tuey , Black Swan Books and Café Gutenberg.

The in-store appearances I know of at this date are Fountain, Oct. 7 and Gutenberg, Oct. 15. Mo' to come.

You see? I do do other things than sit here in front of his box sending out my cyber- messages in bottles blown from the faux glass of ones-and-zeroes.

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At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we're looking forward to coming up and seeing all of this mid october.

At 9:55 PM, Blogger HEK said...

Thanks, Diana!


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