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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trouble Never Looked So Good.

There's not a bad time and one doesn't need an actual reason to post images of Louise Brooks. Of late, some phat archives of big pictures in gorgeous black and white have come to my attention.

Kathy-- I think--is responsible for grouping these Brooksie images:

For your viewing pleasure....these stunning scenes from Pandora's Box. Here she's with the hammy German actor Fritz Korner in his portrayal of a newspaper magnate who has it bad for Lulu, except he's about ready to marry the daughter of an important government minister.

Korner resented Kansan-American Brooks portraying a "Germanic" character like Lulu, out of the Frank Wedekind plays. He was wrong, director G.W.Pabst was right, and here's the proof.

Her expression in these images--when the door to the backstage room opens where she's been tussling with Korner's Schoen character. There stand his son Alwa and the would-be Mrs. Schoen. As the Village Voice's J. Hoberman wrote, "few movie moments are more electrifying than Brooks's radiant smirk of triumph."

In that face are shadows of the great Barbara Stanwyck, then Ellen Barkin, Gina Gershon and Angelina Jolie. But none of those fine women explode on a screen--alive and in color--as Louise does in
Pandora's Box.

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