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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Exeunt, Pursued By A Bear

Karl Rove is movin' on down the road, trailing a cloud of subpoenas as he goes. He's lowering his lifeboat, like White Star Line owner J. Bruce Ismay, who, taking care to save himself, abandoned the Titanic's passengers and crew to their fate of dying in the freezing waters.

A colleague of mine exclaiamed, "Damnit! I wanted my double shot of
schadenfreude! I wanted to see him under the lights, hand raised, testifying!"

Billion-eyed audience, we'll never see that multi-part CSPAN epic spectacle, The Trials of Karl Rove. So much for my fall television viewing. With John From Cincinnati off the air--for this season, maybe forever -- guess I'll go back to reading books and hope the world doesn't end while I'm browsing in an interesting passage.

Rove couldn't exit with grace. He resorted to a snide remark. "I am not going to stay or leave based on whether it pleases the mob."

I thought of the parvenu Alexander Hamilton's alleged slap at We, The People, when at a dinner party with friends he may have snorted, "
Your people, sir, -- your people is a great beast."

Rove's departure from office means that many questions will remain unanswered. Mysteries abounding and wanting resolution are headed for Permanent Deletion and undergoing elimination through the jagged mercies of the paper shredder.

To quote my colleague once again, "He's looking for someone
else's strings to pull." Indeed, the puppet master now needs a new dummy. A platoon of Republican candidates are scrambling to raise his consulting fees. Who is getting him next?

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