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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot: Gaze upon her and invite self-abnegation

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She's a sun goddess--maybe by Boris Vallejo, whose athletic, square-jawed, militant-breasted, spear-hefting figures graced the covers of fantasy novels in the 1970s and nurtured my admiration for strong women in brass brassieres. She looks more like a Denishawn Dancer, but I like them, too. 

Anyway, the sun is so powerful today that should anybody be left outside for long, they'll find themselves on their knees on flat on their backs, as though prostrating themselves before Her.

Meanwhile, I water the plants in the morning and in the evening toward dusk, hoping they'll survive for Amie's return from Over There.

My technical issues are resolved -- I hope. More later.

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