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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hey, Wa' Happened?
Crisis of Conscience After The Fact

There must be a term for this; the clinical and constitutional inability of those around centers of power to think with a clear head about playing a role in events that may contravene an individual's sense of what is proper behavior. Why he didn't speak up at the time, or just get free, and write his tell-all when the facts therein might've made an actual difference are all legitimate quesitons. Did he get clear of his Bush Administration-induced Stockholm Syndrome in a blinding flash of road-to-Damascus realization? Maybe, just maybe, his laggard summary of his White House years--titled What Happened-- is a way of trying to keep out of the defendants dock at The Hague. Present and past members of the administration are to a man, or woman, all puzzled that the Scottie they knew has dared to utter his version of the truth, when before he was a mere compliant milquetoast complict in his own getting played as a sap.

Below, an excerpt from A Mighty Wind.

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