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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Daps Seen Around The World

Michelle and Barack activate their powers.

When the future we cannot predict plays out, and the rubble of icons and symbols as portents of what was/is to come are sifted over, what significance will be attached to this gesture? Here stand a husband and wife, who've gone through great trials to get to this moment at the podium in St. Paul. Here they take some precious seconds to recognize who they are, how they got here, and what the roar of the crowd means to them.

They were some 17,000 people in that hall, and an estimated 15,000 outside. The space is given a homogeneous corporate name, Xcel Energy Center. Public buildings named for civitarians and philanthropists are a vanishing breed. Within weeks, the Republicans will nominate John McCain here.

She looked fabulous in her violet dress. He was characteristic, possessed, poised. The speech ignited the crowds, but from where I sat on Colonial Avenue, seemed Barack boilerplate. He made a conciliatory offering to Hillary and took a swipe at McCain. Yet he struck me as a runner trying to sprint into the final stretch. Not hurried, but determined, and tired. Well, he has every right. Thing is, the marathon has just begun. For both of them. I'm wondering if anything is worth such an effort.
For anybody.

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