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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Elation (Restrained)
Bibliographicaless in Richmond

Image: The, August 3, 2004

Billion-eyed audience, I have logged so many hours in front of this computer that I am really content not to be here for a while; except that I have to, but tomorrow.

Suffice to say, the bloated manuscript for Richmond In Rag-time was shipped via electricity and binary code to the History Press in Charleston, S.C. I've not even printed out the thing to read it for the entire view. Too busy writing. At some intervals, I felt a bit like Jack Kerouac and that epic typewritten spool (which I've actually seen at an exhibit in San Francisco, in a class case, like the holy relic it is). Except I had no paper, really, and this isn't fiction.

I am saving my elation until the bibliography is finally done, and I feel confident about my rights and permissions of images, which I've started the pursuit of. I've just scanned my eye over certain sections and I'm already wincing: gotta fix this and that and that.

Maybe tomorrow night we'll go see the No BS Brass Band at The Camel. Sort of a pre-celebration. It is First Friday, and there are some things going on--- Ghostprint, Artspace--
but not in the usual fashion, so those girls who frequently appear here to announce the First Fridayness are communing with their Freya-selves elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the house is a wreck as though we'd had a party of reckless guests, and our live have sort of been on hold, and there is much, much to do.

Then, this afternoon, while with Amie driving in the new to us/old to the world Subaru wagon we have now, we were on the Boulevard. Standing there in the median waiting for her chance to cross the street, in front of the Virginia Historical Society, was the Mona Lisa. Or our version of her. She was wearing a black, arm-baring dress, and her hair down, and the vision reminded me that art begins in a glance, a chance intersection of irreproducible moments.

And questions to solve. Like, why does Firefox all the sudden now fail to load on my eMac? What have I done wrong that blogs in my links aren't showing up?

You know, important stuff.

Then around the office today I hear this strange story about the guy going nuts on a bus in Manitoba, Canada, stabbing a fellow passenger on a bus and cutting off his head while apparently nobody did anything to prevent the horror.

I think this is an Internet rumor; except a few clicks of the button present a reality far worse than I could have imagined. The description sounds like the opening teaser of a very bloody X-Files episode. I would link to it, but, you're adults. You can do that for yourself if you really feel the need.

Leading to the inevitable question: Were I in this position, and could do something, would I have tried? Would this have spurred others to action -- or caused just more injury and possibly more death?

And in Canada? Canada?

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