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Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Not Celebrating Yet
But close enough to post this gratuitous picture
of Louise Brooks having way too much fun
at Can Can--I mean, Joe Zelli's, in Paris.

So, my all-night marathon of writing went apace, I mean, once you hit 3 a.m. what's the point? I do not recommend this methodology for anybody, by the way. Even Miro the Perpetually Annoyed Siamese was even more annoyed and confused that I again wasn't coming to bed. I actually don't feel like I've been to bed in a week.

The Monster in the Box, sans box, got shipped to the publisher around 8 this morning, though I still have some patch work and bibliography to finish, and a whole round of image acquisitions and permissions to go through.

Last night WRIR, perhaps to mess with my head, switched the overnight tape. No "Riot On The Radio," but some head rocking sort of alt country blues and R & B stuff. I can't remember a single one. I sincerely hope that if I'm up that late again any time soon that it is while doing something libidinous and salacious and that music will provide the sound track.

Still, I have the refrain and drum roll up from "International War Criminal" in my head and it won't stop. I think its because of the Karadzic thing. A Washington Post writer said he looks like "Walt Whitman coming off a bender." I think he kind of looks like, well, a grotty Santa.

The Breakfast Blend, preceded by the Loop Tape preceded by Dustin on 'The Flip Side" were all good in the wee small hours. There's really a band called Vampire Beach Babes and I they were fun and appropriate to hear at that hour. And who was playing Bill Cosby routines? I forget. I was distracted but engaged at the same time, and half-asleep without pajamas.

Maybe during the No Volunteer hours RIR should just play Firesign Theatre albums back-to-back. Or audio from old Doc Scott broadcasts (except over-sensitive people would take it serious). Or feed from a "Fistful of Soundtracks" or old X Minus One shows.

Off to the office with nary a wink behind me. I feel about a half past dead.

In an added development, Rob Ullman just up and decided to post the efforts he made to create a logo for "Lulupalooza 2005." Wow. Two thousand and freakin' oh-five! How'd that happen?

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