The Blue Raccoon

Thursday, February 05, 2009

First Friday February: Do you wanta take a pitcha? Lookin' is free.

Yes, billion-eyed audience, after some well-needed respite and the author's preoccupation with books, the holidays and domestic life, here are the First Friday Femmes, one more time.

Many of you long-time listeners already know the tale. But, for those you unfamiliar: this image was taken, and not by me, at an exhibition opening several years ago at the vanished Three Miles Gallery and this space, and the adjacent one, is today the bustling Tarrant's Café.

This pair of lovely Richmond lasses display the classic duality of Greek tragedy/comedy, and the predicament of existence, and how in general conditions are one or the other -- depending who you are and where your viewing booth is. If you are a bank executive receiving a federal bail out, for example, you may be the smiling woman. If you worked for Circuit City or Quimoda, you may instead resemble the woman on the left.

These ladies also represent for the Blue Raccoon the energy and verve of the First Friday High Art Hike here in Richmond, Va; otherwise known as Curated Culture's First Fridays: On and Off Broad.(This image of the Metro Gallery from Curated's site)

Not all the galleries are open this Friday, and we have a casualty in the line up -- Transmission where we saw some fun and quirky little exhibtions closed.

More later.