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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bloggus Interruptus Due To Lifeus Busy-ness

Image via Holly Timberline and Facebook: The Firehouse Theater for the first ever Richmond Theatre Critics Circle Awards. And don't we all look smashing. You can't really seem me except if you blow this up; the light barely reflecting off my glasses, way in the back on the right side, one over from the aisle, behind Stephen Ryan with his white scarf.

Have done a bunch of things, billion-eyed audience; emceed Richmond Magazine's Theresa Pollak Prizes for Excellence in the Arts where I also danced to the funky jazz stylings of the Near Earth Objects; attended artists talk at the Media X show at 1708 Gallery; the Byrd Theatre 80th Anniversary Gala at the Virginia Museum, and this little event pictured above -- at which the Firehouse took the honors for Best Play of the past season, The Late Henry Moss.

And work. And feel like I'm in the wrong line of work without knowing what other possible line of work would have me. Much spinning of wheels. And I'm giving a talk to a friend's Journalism 101 class tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, Richmond In Ragtime is slated to drop in a few weeks.

I'm reading William Gibson's All Tomorrow's Parties and finding it both exasperating and riveting, and at times just amazed at the man's command of the language. This is all stewing around in my cranium with my Avoid World War I alternative worldline obsession, Thunder At Twilight: Vienna 1913/14 and Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age. And how in Gibson's book, there's this search for historic nodal points, the most recent one having been in 1911, with the discovery of radium, which is around the time of the Great War.

The world as we know it is about to end, in Tomorrow's Parties. And Gibson seems to be on to something there.

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