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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sick, Writing and Just Too Damn Busy to Blog

If, billion-eyed audience, you have come to the Blue Raccoon during the past few days in search of more scintillating commentary and trenchant observation, then why did you come here?

But seriously, for part of the previous week I was afflicted by what I think was a combination of allergies and an attempt for a cold that I've avoided all season to fell me, which, it in part, succeeded. I also got a whole bunch of writing and research done for the upcoming book, stayed way too long in front of this box and when I felt a bit better there was a downpour.

I wrote and banked a post, but you'll have to scroll down to March 26 to read what will be a two parter about my distant cousinage in Berlin and other parts of the old country, that is, Poland. For further explanation, scroll down and see for yourself.

The image at top I actually took myself, and this is Kollatz Strasse in Berlin. The reproduction here doesn't render the sign very sharp, but the name is there, and that's a little Smart car. They were just starting to be seen in Berlin's streets when I visited there in 2004.

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