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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And Now A Word From The Hall of Presidents...

Presidents are not panaceas. At best they are symbols and at worst, zealots. The fundamental change must come from within people, not their political appointees. Elections are referendums on many things, not the least of which is the sense of the times. But the fewer the choices of candidates and the roadblocks established from those whose interests are best served by not upsetting the norms, give the electorate decisions about cosmetic rather than fundamental subjects.

There is much talk this season about "change" and precious little opportunity for real implementation. Change is more than about color, gender or even creed. Change concerns issues that go to the core of how this nation is set upon its future, and those influential groups and individuals who can turn the wheel this way or that.

Politics has forever been about money and personal persuasiveness. It is ever more so now. One shouldn't confuse rhetoric with beliefs nor ambition with ability. You shouldn't think that a President is going to make any difference. That's not the President's job. It's yours.

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